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For a couple years now, with all my children grown up, I have worked to figure out how to best share my talents and bless the lives of others. I have come up with countless ideas (some good, some not so good) and have bought more GoDaddy domain names than I ever want to admit. It has definitely been a process of creation, failing, learning, and picking myself up and trying again. I believe this is something every mother, who has fully committed their lives to raising their children, will or has encountered. The point in a mother’s life when our projects are no longer, fully, our children and we have just a little more idle time to create something new. For me, designing homes and decorating them as been an integral part of raising my children. With this talent, I have been able to create a safe and beautiful haven for the most important people in my life while also doing the same for others. It only makes sense that I continue on this path but I wasn’t quite sure how.

My daughters have been involved all throughout these projects and have supported and encouraged me to take my talents and move forward. Very recently, on a trip to see my “grands”, one of my daughters mentioned the concept of MaxxAddict to me (though the name came later). While there are many (I have been told) design blogs out there, I never thought to start my own – it is a world I am not well accustomed to. This daughter, however, not only has a strong technical background, but she had also grown up scouring TJ Maxx with me. She knows well how much I appreciate the budget prices of TJ Maxx and HomeGoods and we both feel it is a resource more people on budgets should know about!

We went the very next day, to the closest TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, and got to working. What we found has inspired our very first MaxxAddict Tip as well as holiday-inspired post – we hope you enjoy!

MaxxAddict Tip: If you are preparing for a holiday, shop early! Holiday merchandise starts coming in months in advance. This year, I was blown away by the Easter selection. When it comes to uniqueness and variety, HomeGoods has even Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, beat. It was impossible to select only one Easter look but eventually, I narrowed it down – at least a bit. You will see that with a number of items I purchased I was able to use them in a variety of settings. Absolutely loved putting these together and I hope they get you as excited as I am to celebrate this wonderful holiday! Hop on over to your nearest store and as always, happy hunting!

Brunch Bunnies Table



For the centerpiece, I found so many fun things including these darling Standing Pewter Bunnies, Made In India [$16.99 each], the Petite Wooden Dipping Bowls [$7.99 for 2-pack] which I filled with my go-to green of reindeer moss, and the Colored Blown Glass Vases by Vitrocolon [$3.99 each] which I also filled with greens, but this time artificial ones. I placed all of these on a two-tiered dessert stand that I already had at my house.

img_9354-1.jpgimg_93481.jpgIMG_9343I also loved mixing the different metals, woods, and glass I found like these Petite Brass Bunnies [$3.99 each] with the Standing Pewter Bunnies [$16.99 each]. Think it gives a really great and unique vintage mixed with modern look and not one you would typically see on an Easter table.

IMG_9354 (1) (1)

Also, how great are these Moss Bunnies made by Cottontail? That’s a rhetorical question of course because they really are just that great. I was able to find a Large [$5.99] and Petite [$4.99] one and love how they pulled in the other greens I have placed on the table. MaxxAddict Tip: Repeating items and colors bring continuity and cohesive flows to looks. Just as the mix of these moss bunnies, artificial, and fresh greens do!


For the place settings, I used a simple white table cloth I already had, with these Rag Cream Placemats With Jute Border by Timbuktu [$12.99, Set of 4], Green Hand Blown Tumblers [$3.99], and Seeded Clear Drinking Glass [from my cupboard :)] and then I splurged on this Hammered Gold Flatware Set by St. James [$59.99, Set of 24] It’s a lot to fork over all at once but when you find good flatware, you should get it because it can be used time and time again. Really beautiful flatware is a sound investment that will last a lifetime (if well cared for) and can even be handed down from generation to generation. Some of my favorite flatware I use was handed down to me from those I love the most.


To give the bunny plates and table a little more hop, I placed them on these beautiful Beaded Tiffany Blue Dinner Plates by Matcreamica [$4.99 each] – which were made in Portugal, btw – and the Aqua Salad Plates With Raw Umber Edge by Galia Maioliche Miessica [$4.99 each]. 


Then, of course, the bunny plates! Bunny Plates by Arlington [$3.99 each] an incredible deal considering I found some similar (but again NOT as cute) sold by Pottery Barn [$28.50, Set of 4] and Williams-Sanoma [$59.95, Set of 4].

GIVEAWAY ALERT: I was able to find a bunch of these so I will be giving 6 away. See details at the end of this post to be considered.


Brunch Bunny Buffet

With a big centerpiece, it makes it difficult to place food in the middle so I generally set our food out on a buffet table. Since I found SO MANY great Easter things, decorating a buffet table wasn’t a problem at all. If anything, I found too much to place on the buffet table and will need to remove a couple items for day-of, but I wanted to show you all the great pieces!

The table we will be using this year is a small glass and iron one we have placed under a beautiful antique mirror. We inherited this mirror from my husband’s mother and are so grateful to have it in our home. We think of her and miss her often. The message of Easter, however, is a comforting reminder that we will see her again.

IMG_9275 (1)IMG_9297 (2)

The first thing that I found for this look was this darling Cabbage Row [$39.99]. I absolutely love how perfectly it fits below my mother-in-law’s mirror and love how perfectly it goes with the other finds.


Natural Woven Placemats, Benson Mills [$4.99 each], Embossed Aqua Tumblers [$3.99], Valencia Orange Bowls (Made In Italy), Valerie Home [$5.99 each], Jute Carrots by Gardener’s Eden [$9.99, Set of 6].


How cute is this Chubby Bunny With Gold Egg by Nicole Miller Home [$12.99]?

IMG_9300In the middle of the table, I placed this beautiful Mahogany Block Tray With Pewter Handles by Design Accents [$19.99], and used some of the bunny and blue plates to pull the look together. I also love these White Ceramic Basket Bunnies [$6.99] which I, once again, placed fresh reindeer moss in, but small chocolate eggs would be really cute as well. We will be using the tray for cheeses, fruits, and spreads – really, though, a tray like this would work perfectly with whatever you choose to serve that day and can be used time and time again.

IMG_9281 (1)

IMG_9293 (1)

For different plate options, I placed this Gold and White Striped Salad Plate by Nicole Miller [$4.99] on top of these darling Cabbage Plates by BBY Bordallo [$5.99 each] along with this (it’s not chocolate!) Foiled Chick by NBC Trading [$7.99, Set Of 4]. I really just love how realistic that foiled chick looks! If you can’t find these, try actual foil wrapped chocolates to your look. That way, you can eat them too.

IMG_9287 (2)

IMG_9292 (2)

Then, once again, I used these colorful hand blown glass vases and St. James flatware. Love love love how it all turned out and hope you do too. I would also love love love to see your Easter table settings (and otherwise) so please be sure to tag #maxxaddict.

Remember, though, that whatever you are able to create and afford this season is not actually about the bunnies but about The Lamb. I wish you all a Happy Easter filled with so much hope, color, friends, family, chocolate, and MaxxAddict-inspired decor!

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: 6 Bunny Plates by Arlington and 6 Aqua Salad Plates With Raw Umber Edge by Galia Maioliche Miessica. Must follow MaxxAddict blog, MaxxAddicts Instagram, and tag 5 Easter-loving friends to be considered for this giveaway! We will draw a name next Monday (03/10/2017) and ship out that day. Good luck! P.S. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the coming days.

*Must live within U.S. to win. Cannot win if living within Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico (sorry) unless you win and would like it sent somewhere else!

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