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One of our Easter traditions is to have a delicious family brunch. My husband generally makes made-to-order omelets and waffles and berries. Suffice it to say, this is a popular tradition in our family.

A new tradition I will be introducing this year is a Bunny Juice! One of my daughters tried it for the first time in Napa California at a little market there and it’s delicious. Here’s the recipe: mix 1/2 a cup orange juice and 1/2 a cup carrot juice, stir and serve. Super easy to make and a super easy way to get your kids or grands to take in some serious vegetables.

Now to the TJ Maxx and HomeGoods finds! As I mentioned in the last post, I was so blown away by the variety of Easter decor that I had a hard time choosing just one so here is look #3. Great table for a large Easter gathering! The pieces I saved for this look are similar (and even mixed with) the pieces of the Brunch Bunnies look but I added a little more color and pizazz. You could definitely say that I got All Hopped Up off these finds 🙂


For the centerpiece, I found this really wonderful Artificial Dusty Greens Square Vase [$59.99] – which sounds steep but this is something you can use time and time again on a variety of table settings. I added some other artificial and fresh greens in to give it more volume but have another similar vase that I have added twigs and different colored ribbons to for other occasions. Moral of the story is, a vase like this, with a little creativity, is a wise investment.

Throughout the greens, I also weaved Handmade Carrot Garland, Made In Peru, [$16.99]. I placed it all on a Ceramic White Platter With Cutout Handles, Made In Italy, GTB Ceramics [$19.99] flanked by two Stamp Embossed Aqua Tumblers [$3.99 each] which I filled with artificial greens and berries.


I then surrounded the entire centerpiece with several fun knickknacks, all bringing different pops of Easter color. Faux Chocolate Foiled Bunny [$5.99], Lattice Basket With Glass Insert [$7.99] filled with tangerines.


I used some of those great Brunch Bunnies Bunny Plates, the Foiled Chicks, and that St. James Flatware from the Brunch Bunnies post. Details there!

IMG_9238 (1)

These Aqua Crackled Glass Tumblers [$3.99 each] are so fun. I wish the photo did them justice because in real life the crackle part looks like a cracked Easter egg. They would also work great as a nice summer tumbler. I placed that wonderful St. James Flatware in a this Silver Woven Silverware Caddy by Costal Home [$6.99]. 


IMG_9207 (1)

I admit, this look is a little more fun and whimsical than I would generally do, but I couldn’t pass up these Flower Power Paper Mache Bunnies by Primrose Vintage [$14.99]. It might be the 70’s girl in me that loves these. If any of my readers find these, I would love to see how you style them! Or better yet, I have a couple extra to share 🙂 GIVEAWAY details down below.



Gold Speckled Eggs by Luxehabitate [$6.99 for a set of 12]. Could easily be replaced with real Easter eggs too but those (if they look anything like mine) may not be as pretty. Plus that aqua blue is used all throughout the look so having it in little random spots really pulls everything together.

IMG_9217I placed these Blue and Green Woven Circular Place Mats by Benson Mills [$6.99] below the beloved bunny plates to give it an extra pop of color.



Loved all these Pewter Bunny Pedestals and especially love how versatile they are with whatever you choose to serve. The salad and cheese (see below) ones are only $16.99 and, though not pictured, the fruit tart tray has a beautiful glass dome to go with it and it only cost $29.99. All three of these, I will use in years to come!



Lastly, these Black Polka Dot Jack Rabbits by Luxehabitate [$12.99] are so cute! I will be showing more of these in my next post in a much less colorful spin on Easter but still every bit as spirited. I hope I was able to provide you with some good ideas for your own Easter gatherings!

And now, for the GIVEAWAY – Comment below to tell which bunny you like the most – Polka Dot or Flower Power? Then tag away because it’s #followfriday. Whoever tags the most friends, who then turn into followers, wins your choice between the bunnies (Polka or Power) for you and one of those friends you tagged. So TWO bunnies going to TWO different homes! Because when it comes to friends and MaxxAddict decor giveaways, it’s all about making the right choices…and sharing.

Four step process: 1) Comment 2) Tag 3) Win 4) Share

Winner selected on Wednesday, April 12th!


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