Feeling The Blues

If you haven’t noticed, Blue and White is everywhere these days.  This makes me particularly happy since it has been a longtime design love of mine. What also makes this addict happy is that TJ Maxx and HomeGoods have stocked up on the Blue and White Season trend and their merchandise picks are not disappointing. At all.

Over the next little bit, I will be sharing how I have incorporated the Blue and White craze into my life and home. I hope you enjoy not only what I found but what you find too!

This post is dedicated to some of the Blue and White bowls and plates I found at my local HomeGoods store. At first, it seems a little chaotic when I put all these together but take a look for yourself – it works! I obviously wouldn’t have all of this on a table set for one but I would (and you could) mix and match the designs for a summer dinner centerpiece and individual settings as well. Details below!


For the centerpiece, I placed fresh trimmings from an Evergreen Laurel bush in this beautiful Hand Blown Glass Vase with Blue Rim  that I got for $6! – in one of my own Blu&W bowls, I have had forever from a trip to Mexico. I then placed all that on top of this darling Dinner Plate with Rippled Blue Border by Spectrum Design [$3.99 each].

MaxxAddict Tip: Unique and beautiful plates or bowls also make unique and beautiful centerpieces. Don’t feel like you need to opt for a traditional centerpiece vase OR if you do, layer it with other unique items!



I used the same plate for the actual dinner plate along with these beautiful Navy Blue Bold Rimmed Salad Plates by Martha Stewart [$14.99, Set of 4]. I then used a simple white linen napkin underneath these great Blu&W Paisley and Floral Placemats by Nicole Miller Home [$12.99, Set of 4]. For the flatware, I found another set that I could keep and use forever, Copper Hammered Flatware by Artisan Home [$24.99, Set of 16].



Bold Flower Bowls [$3.99]


Again, I love how different in styles and designs these all are – some traditional American, some Oriental, some Mexican – and yet together they flow so well.


Dragonfly Bowl with Orange Rim [$4.99]

MaxxAddict Tip: Don’t worry about styles and designs as much as colors! You can create a lot of beautiful and unique spaces keeping this in mind. Fill a drawer or cabinent of these and let your guests, children, or grands pick their favorite one.


For example, this Blu&W Dragon Plate [$7.99] is not my typical style and yet it looks so great with everything else and adds so much interest.


My mother-in-law, who we all affectionately call “Grammy”, used to always say, a touch of Oriental adds class. I am in love with these Oriental bowls. I see these in Chinatown everytime I visit my daughters in San Francisco. Price is much much better at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods though – especially when you factor in the cost of travel.


Oriental Blu&W Floral and Leaves Bowls [$6.99] – top left corner.


Blu&W Vine Bowl [$4.99] and Blu&W Floral Bowl [$6.99]



I found this Kitty Bowl [$3.99] which I the grands will love. Having a cat in your home without dealing with allergies and litter boxes is a win-win for everyone involved.


XL Blu&W Vine Bowl [$7.99]


Lastly, this beautiful Blu&W Leaf Bowl [$7.99] really could be used for any occasion. A mixx and maxx of all these bowls/plates could even be beautiful for a wedding table and reception! I would love to see your TJ Maxx and HomeGoods Blu&W finds! Be sure to tag #maxxaddict and your pic just might get re-posted on the MaxxAddict page as well. Hope you feel the good kind of blues this season!



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