Cinco De Maxxo

Mexico has been a long-time favorite vacation destination for me and my family. Every time we are able to go, we come back with sunburns, Chiclets, a few extra pounds and always some new home decor item. While I have some of my own imported decor, I love seeing what TJ Maxx and HomeGoods brings into their stores and was inspired this year by their selection. I did my best to put together as non-touristy look as possible and bring you a real authentic Cinco De Mayo table. I am so pleased with how it turned out and feel as if I am walking the streets of San Miguel Allende every time I look at these fun festive treasures. I hope you feel the same!


We started the entire design first with these Silver Decorative Pigs [$5.99 each] and surrounded them with knickknacks from throughout our house. The star candles, fruit and center bowl are ones I purchased in Mexico a long time ago but I have definitely seen similar at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods.



I generally don’t love the quality of faux flowers but I found these Cala Lillies [$16.99] and Roses [$19.99] that look paperlike and so similar to what I have seen in Mexico. I really love the color and authenticity they added to this look!




For the place setting, I alternated Blue Rimmed Salad Plates by Martha Stewart [$14.99, Set of 4] with some Blue and White plates I have had for years and even used on my Easter table this year as well.




The Green Seeded Glass Tumblers and Tall Clear Seeded Glass Drinking Glasses – both from HomeGoods but not recent purchases – look wonderful along with the Rag Cream Placemats with Jute Border by Timbuktu [$12.99, Set of 4] and the a maxx-up of my Gold Hammered Flatware by St. James [$59.99, Set of 24] and a new set I was able to find of Copper Hammered Flatware by Artisan Home [$24.99, Set of 16].

MaxxAddict Tip: Don’t feel like you need to buy all new stuff to put together a completely new look. Each season, only buy the best in quality items and things that you really love and use them time and time again. If you didn’t notice, I used the Gold Hammered Flatware, Cream Placemats, Green Seeded Tumblers in some of my Easter settings and the Blue and White Fluted Stoneware Bowl in my Feeling The Blues post.


I carried the theme throughout each chair as well by alternating Blue and White Outdoor Pillows.

MaxxAddict Tip: Embrace the fact that sometimes TJ Maxx only has one of something when you need more by finding similar items and mixx and maxxing. In the end, you’ll be much happier with the overall look and will avoid creating something matchy-matchy or even similar to what others put together.



Zigzag Blue and White Outdoor Pillows by Tommy Bahama [$14.99, Set of 4]


My finishing touch was adding these darling Iron Birds, Blue Ceramic Bird Citronella Candles (bought last year) and small salt and pepper shakers.




I hope you enjoy what I have put together for Cinco De Mayo/Maxxo (take your pick) and would love to see what you create from your TJ Maxx and HomeGoods finds. Use the hashtag #maxxaddict and #cincodemaxxo for a chance to have your post re-grammed.

But also, before you go, SCROLL DOWN past one last shot of those roses, to see the cutest Cinco De Mayo outfit. Then run to buy it because I saw several of these dresses at my local store.


SEE! Isn’t this dress so cute and perfect for a Cinco De Mayo party? Or any party for that matter?


It’s a Max Studio Mid Dress [$34.99, Originally $65] and I love how flattering it is on Mackenzie.


The sleeves and neckline add so much flare and make it a very unique striped dress (especially when compared to all those other striped dresses popping up everywhere).




We paired it with this Made In Italy White Leather Purse [$120, Originally $250] that our other MaxxAddict model wore in the last post as well as the Brown Leather Sandals by Vince [$129.99, Originally $300].


With a pop of red lipstick, this entire look fits perfectly into our Blue and White Cinco De Maxxo Setting and makes Mackenzie the perfect senorita.


I hope you all have a wonderful, festive and safe Cinco De Mayo!

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