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So much WHITE on WHITE this season and why not because it’s timeless. Here is to a fresh start! So if you need a bit of updating this is a very quick and inexpensive way to achieve it. We tried it out the WHITE on WHITE craze on a very traditional kitchen. As usual, HomeGoods made it really easy. Just when we walked through their doors there was a huge display of beautiful white plates, bowls, pitchers, cup and lidded containers. So many that it was virtually impossible to miss all those wonderful shapes, sizes, and textural designs.

All the items including the larger bowls and containers are new purchases. The plates are finds from years past.


Fell in love with all the different shaped and textures. They each are so unique and bring interest to what otherwise could have a collection of boring matching dishes. Both Pitchers [$5.99 sml, $6.99 lg] shown here by Home Essentials – a Homegoods brand that really impresses.


DSC_0600These Dotted Relief Soup Bowls by Primogero [$5.99] also add a lot of interest and texture. The Small Cylinder Container with Wooden Lid, Made In Portugal [$7.99] was actually found in the bathroom department. It serves well as a sugar or salt container. I actually had never thought of searching the bath department for items like this before but it proved to be a valuable source so don’t pass it up when looking for lidded container or small scale open containers.

DSC_0598 (1)

This Textured Container, Made In Portugal [$7.99], next to the pitchers, was also found the bath department.

MaxxAddict Tip: Our latest discovery has been, don’t limit your search to items found only within the obvious departments. Items from the kitchen department can often easily be used to decorate a living room, bedrooms and baths spaces. Likewise, on items from the bath department can serve in kitchen bedrooms and even living spaces.

DSC_0565 (1)
If you’ve seen some of our other MaxxAddict designs you know how much we love using trays to layer items and make them become a focal point. This Wood Kitchen Tray [$19.99] proved to be a great compliment to all it is carrying.

Upon the tray is placed a Porcelain Utensil Jar, Made In Portugal [7.99] with some faux succulent and reindeer moss in an iron container. The greens add to this natural updated look. The stack of contemporary square salad plates plus the wooden utensils are all brought together with the inlay white leaf design of the raw wooden tray.

The Iron Bird was purchased at HomeGoods but not this trip. You know when there are things that just speak to you and say, “BUY ME”? This bird happens to be one of those things. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, even if you are not quite sure where the decor will end up. For me, when I follow that instinct, it almost always seems to find the perfect place. I have used this bird it in multiple spaces and designs throughout the years and am now always on the lookout for more!

Would love to see what WHITE on WHITE finds you come across. And if you like any of the looks or design tips we would love for you to tag us – #maxxaddict.

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