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Memorial Day for my family means reflecting on the sacrifices of those who came before us – especially that of my late father-in-law who served as a general surgeon during WWII. We do this by visiting graves or spending time in an area of our yard we call “Grammy’s Grove”. It is in these places we often feel their presence.

Below are the many looks we created in Grammy’s Grove with some great indoor/outdoor decor from #tjmaxx and #homegoods! Hoping each of you are able to find a quiet place outdoors today to stand (or sit) in remembrance this Memorial Day Weekend.



With the patio furniture I already have, I add some pops of color with these red and cream pillows and some fun little knickknacks from HomeGoods.


The cute dog (who needs a haircut!) was not purchased at TJ Maxx. However, she is no stranger to its aisles. Yes, I take my dog with me everywhere I can.


I have used these iron birds in other posts – All In White – and if you’ve have read there you know how much we adore them. I bought these a couple years ago at HomeGoods and am always on the lookout for more. They are so versatile and work in any indoor or outdoor space!



I placed the short bird on top of this beautiful Mango Wood Lidded Container [$3.99] to give the table some variance and dimension.


Additionally, this is the same vase from the Feeling The Blues post. I placed fresh trimmings from an Evergreen Laurel bush in this beautiful Hand Blown Glass Vase with Blue Rim  that I got for $6! – and this time layered it on top of a round brass tray and these White and Blue Dinner [$4.99] and Salad Plate [$6.99]. Just another example of why you shouldn’t limit your decor searching to one department!


I placed Reindeer Moss and a faux plant within a small black container to pull all the greens together and placed this beautiful White Textured Ceramic Candle [$3.99].



All these knickknacks surrounded this classic Wicker Lamp by Ralph Lauren [$49.99]. My husband installed an outlet nearby so we could have light outside without lighting a fire. Creating an outdoor space with a touch of the indoors is one of my favorite designs.


We also toyed around with some other beautiful knickknacks and even pillows because as you know, there is no shortage of either of these things at HomeGoods.


These Geometric Print Pillows tie in well with the style of the blue and white plates. For nights when the mosquitos are out, I have this beautiful Teal Blue Citronella Candle [$6.99]. 


I also really love the rich blueness of these two below pillows. One is Woven Blue and Cream Star Honeycomb Pillows [$24.99] that could be used both indoors and outdoors and the other is a Knitted Navy Blue Pillow [$29.99].



Lastly, I placed this darling Iron Cast Pig Planter [$19.99] at the base of one of the chairs and loaded it with high quality faux greens. I can’t get over how cute it turned out.


Our other dog, Norington, even made friends with the pig.


We love this outdoor space, especially on days like Memorial Day, and look forward to using this space and the beautiful colors and decor, for many years to come. We would love to see the outdoor spaces you create for this summer with HomeGoods decor. Be sure to tag #maxxaddict on any social media posts for a chance to be regrammed.

Safety to and thanks to you all and the service you provide for one another!

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