Back To Black.

We’ve found and shown a lot of great Blue and White finds from TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. We now feel it our duty to give a little love to the most classic color combination of them all, Black and White.


Understandably, a black shirt (or black clothing  of any sort) does not seem like the best go-to for summer fashion but this lightweight cotton Pepin Black and White Embroidered Top [$29.99, Originally $58] might get you looking.


Plus it’s not ALL black. The white embroidered designs add the perfect bohemian look to a classic color. We love the tassels too!


Even better perk of this top is that it holds enough design to be paired with dark skinny jeans and a pair of sandal flats.


Or if you are more adventurous than some of us, you could top your outfit off with some wedges. These Brown Leather Wedges by VINCE were a favorite #TJMaxx find of our model, Savannah, and cost her less than 50% of the original price – $129.99 vs. $300.


There is a reason she looks so happy in all the pictures. TJ Maxx does that to people. Would love to see what great #blackandwhite finds you score or even just great, breezy, summer tops! Tag @maxxaddicts on your social media posts and stay cool out there!

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