Bistro Brunch

You will see tons of different bistro sets at the Maxx but the lines on this iconic Paris Bistro Tables are timeless and all other imitations pale in comparison.  This simple straight forward bistro tab is your best look for beauty and endless functionality. We should know. We have had this one for over 15 years! And in those 15 years, we have used it in various parts of our house from patio seating to a bedroom nightstand. It has really been a great purchase.


If you buy one and choose to use it for its truest nature, HomeGoods, as always, has ample serving ware options. We, of course, gravitated to the Blue and White!


We also the Black and White of these outdoor chairs because honestly, these could not be resisted. Each was only $59.99, are so sturdy, timeless and easy to clean. To tie them into the rest of the design we placed a Tommy Bahamas Patio Pillow [$14.99, Set of 2] on each chair and called it good. The mixture of those two patterns is just so fun!


For each brunch setting, we used our Blue Rimmed Salad Plates by Martha Stewart [$14.99, Set of 2] – same ones used on our She’s A Grand Old Table post – layered with a Striped Mini Plate by Lenox [$4.99 each].


The paisley napkins underneath all those beautiful plate layers are actually folded Nicole Miller Placemats [$14.99, Set of 4] and the yellow mugs are from years ago, don’t have a brand mark, but we’re guessing cost us around $2.99 each. We love that pop of yellow against all the blue and even more so love the Postum in the mug. If you don’t know what Postum is, you are missing out. So here’s a link 🙂


And here’s a bird’s eye view of it all!


For the center, we layered yet again, with a round brass platter (not HomeGoods), and this fun Farmstyle Round Handled Tray [$12.99]. That tray could be used in so many settings! Maybe even as a bathroom makeup and toiletries tray. The brass platter and tray are an unlikely pairing but somehow they just work.

The stack of Blue and White Bowls came in a set of 4 for only $7.99. They’re both decorational and can be used as a great dessert, cereal, or even soup bowls. And the Faux Succulent, which we have used in many designs and brings such a great pop of freshness, is mixed with reindeer moss. Spoiler: These aren’t available at HomeGoods but will soon be available, along with many other faux succulent and flower designs from Evergreen Ave – stay tuned!


We added the babushka dolls for some color. A little random but we like what they add to the table. FYI, these were actually a gift from a dear family member who traveled to Russia many times. They were in one our bedrooms as a little knickknack so let that be a MaxxAddict Tip: Scour your house for little items if your design doesn’t feel quite complete. You will be amazed by what you already have that could add interest!


With limited space on the table, we decided to use the Rectangular Brass and Silver Tray [$5.99] for the bread. Croissants might have been a better baked goods choice but we didn’t have any of those on hand 🙂


Let’s not forget these Blue and White Dotted Hand-Blown Glasses [$3.99 each] which are as fun to drink out of as you think. Especially with fresh-squeezed orange juice!


And that’s just ONE way you could use a Bistro set. Would love to see your uses as well! Tag #maxxaddict for a chance to be featured.

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