As an interior designer by trade, my home and the ambiance I create within it, are sacred. I have spent all my years as a mother and wife striving to make our homes places of sanctuary, hope, and brightness. As a mother of 4 active and creative children, and during various times of financial uncertainties, that goal often felt extremely lofty. I have, however, been consistently blessed (since 1984 at least) the ability to creatively renew spaces thanks to my go-to home-renew, T.J. Maxx and Home Goods.

It is no coincidence that I have chosen to launch this blog now, at the onset of another beautiful Salt Lake City spring, because fresh starts are what this season is all about. Spring is renewal. Renewal of nature. Renewal of hope. Renewal of really anything you want to bring new life to. This spring, for me, is about taking what I create and sharing it in a far different way than I ever have before.

So here is your official introduction to me, your resident MaxxAddict. Within this blog, I will share glimpses into my home (and potentially the homes of others) of the renewal I have been able to create. Similarly to when it comes to renewing our personal lives, we don’t need to get rid of everything and start completely new. We can (and should) keep the best parts of ourselves and homes and simply add what we can to make them better. My hope is that as you follow MaxxAddict, you will find new ways to make your life, homes, relationships, and attitudes just a little bit brighter!

MaxxAddict Interior Design Bio

Studied Interior Design at Brigham Young University. At the onset of career, trained and worked under Milo Baughman, a famous modern furniture designer, until his passing. Established own residential and commercial real estate design firm. Experienced in new construction and remodeling. Has been helping homeowners transform their houses into homes for over 30 years now.



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