Bistro Brunch

You will see tons of different bistro sets at the Maxx but the lines on this iconic Paris Bistro Tables are timeless and all other imitations pale in comparison.  This simple straight forward bistro tab is your best look for beauty and endless functionality. We should know. We have had this one for over 15 years! And in those 15 years, we have used it in various parts of our house from patio seating to a bedroom nightstand. It has really been a great purchase.


If you buy one and choose to use it for its truest nature, HomeGoods, as always, has ample serving ware options. We, of course, gravitated to the Blue and White!


We also the Black and White of these outdoor chairs because honestly, these could not be resisted. Each was only $59.99, are so sturdy, timeless and easy to clean. To tie them into the rest of the design we placed a Tommy Bahamas Patio Pillow [$14.99, Set of 2] on each chair and called it good. The mixture of those two patterns is just so fun!


For each brunch setting, we used our Blue Rimmed Salad Plates by Martha Stewart [$14.99, Set of 2] – same ones used on our She’s A Grand Old Table post – layered with a Striped Mini Plate by Lenox [$4.99 each].


The paisley napkins underneath all those beautiful plate layers are actually folded Nicole Miller Placemats [$14.99, Set of 4] and the yellow mugs are from years ago, don’t have a brand mark, but we’re guessing cost us around $2.99 each. We love that pop of yellow against all the blue and even more so love the Postum in the mug. If you don’t know what Postum is, you are missing out. So here’s a link 🙂


And here’s a bird’s eye view of it all!


For the center, we layered yet again, with a round brass platter (not HomeGoods), and this fun Farmstyle Round Handled Tray [$12.99]. That tray could be used in so many settings! Maybe even as a bathroom makeup and toiletries tray. The brass platter and tray are an unlikely pairing but somehow they just work.

The stack of Blue and White Bowls came in a set of 4 for only $7.99. They’re both decorational and can be used as a great dessert, cereal, or even soup bowls. And the Faux Succulent, which we have used in many designs and brings such a great pop of freshness, is mixed with reindeer moss. Spoiler: These aren’t available at HomeGoods but will soon be available, along with many other faux succulent and flower designs from Evergreen Ave – stay tuned!


We added the babushka dolls for some color. A little random but we like what they add to the table. FYI, these were actually a gift from a dear family member who traveled to Russia many times. They were in one our bedrooms as a little knickknack so let that be a MaxxAddict Tip: Scour your house for little items if your design doesn’t feel quite complete. You will be amazed by what you already have that could add interest!


With limited space on the table, we decided to use the Rectangular Brass and Silver Tray [$5.99] for the bread. Croissants might have been a better baked goods choice but we didn’t have any of those on hand 🙂


Let’s not forget these Blue and White Dotted Hand-Blown Glasses [$3.99 each] which are as fun to drink out of as you think. Especially with fresh-squeezed orange juice!


And that’s just ONE way you could use a Bistro set. Would love to see your uses as well! Tag #maxxaddict for a chance to be featured.

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She’s A Grand Old Table

Happy 4th of July! We are so blessed to live in the land of the free and, with that, be able to shop at the land of the budget conscious, aka HomeGoods :). 4th of July is a favorite of ours. It’s all about family, love, gratitude and of course red, white, and blue. We hope you enjoy this Grand Old Table and would love to see your beautiful creations too!


Since numbers are small at this year’s family brunch, we decided to place everything on this backyard iron patio table (we have had for 30+ years) surrounded by the beautiful greens of summer


As always we did a little mixx and maxxing with both the placemats and tables. Not being able to find more than one set of something at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods always tends to work in our design favors as the different looks add more dimension than having everything same same. Just like in America, where without our diversity, we would lack so much of the greatness our country is!


On one the alternating settings, we placed these Blue Rimmed Salad Plates by Martha Stewart, Set of 4 [$14.99] (also used on our Cinco De Maxxo post) on top of these fun Red Rimmed Plates by Dansk [$4.99 each].


Each setting has a Blue and White Woven Placemat by Knits and Knots [$12.99 Set of 4]. We love how well these emulate the stars on our beautiful American flag.


On the alternate place setting, we used Red Roay Doulton Salad Plates by Gordon Ramsey [$2.99 each] on top of Ikat Design Dinner Plates by Tommy Bahamas [$4.99 each] and then to add dimension placed a lighter Blue Woven Vinyl Placemats [$9.99, Set of 6] on top of the Knits and Knots placemat.


Each setting has a white cloth napkin and alternating Silver and Gold Hammered Flatware by St. James [$54.99, Set of 24]. We have used this flatware in several of our designs so it was well worth the investment! Check out Cinco De Maxxo and Brunch Bunnies to see how else we have used it.


Every setting has a Red Rimmed Blown Glass Tumblers, Made In Mexico – we love Mexico too:) – [$3.99 each].


Additionally, each setting has a different blue and white, blue or just plain red pillow. TJ Maxx and HomeGoods always such a variety of indoor/outdoor pillows. These are all meant for indoors but there’s no rules against bringing them outside for a nice brunch or dinner table. Just be sure to take them inside when you are finished. Every one of these pillows was in the $24.99-$29.99 range. Worth it if you use them in other areas of your home, like our America The Bedroom post :).



For our Grand Old centerpiece, we added height and volume by placing a Pewter Compote [$29.99] in a this beautiful large Red Wave Rimmed Bowl, Made In Portugal [$24.99].


We filled the compote with oasis, faux Magnolia leaves and live reindeer moss.


Then, of course, two American flags, coming out of each side.


Surrounding the centerpiece, we placed two Red and Blue Striped Baja Water Pitchers by Amici [$12.99 each] and fresh berries and greens.




Berries, fruits, vegetables, etc. are great, inexpensive and tasty ways to bring in needed colors to your table designs. We placed blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in separate Clear Accent Bowls by Artistic Accents [$7.99, 4-Pack] and placed the bowls throughout the table.


For the greens, we placed fresh boxwood in these Metallic Gold and Red Votives (from Restoration Hardware – forgive us!) and these fun Blue Polkadot Glasses, Made In Mexico [$3.99 each



Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing our #maxxaddict design. Wishing you a happy 4th!






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America The Bedroom

Happy July! Lucky for us, we’ve been gushing over blue and white for a while now, so for our July-inspired designs, all we needed to add was a splash of red. We hope you enjoy this patriotic design.


We couldn’t resist this Navy Velvet Bench {$129.00]. We are glad that we didn’t because it fits perfectly at the end this iron bedframe.


We added this non-traditional Blue and White Aztec Design Pillow [$19.99] on top to give the bench a little more dimension.


The nailhead and wooden frame are great features of the bench.


The biggest splash of red comes from this Red Quilt, which we’ve laid over a white fleece blanket. The Red Quilt [$49.99] was bought a couple years ago at HomeGoods and has been used in many designs since. The details and comfort of it are hard to beat.


The nightstands are these beautiful wooden ones, inherited from my wonderful mother-in-law. They go so well with any design and look great with this Blue Glass Lamp by Nicole Miller Home [$79.00].


The lamp is surrounded by a collection of knickknacks because who doesn’t love knickknacks? HomeGoods sure does. There are always ample knickknacks, across all departments, whenever we are there. The Iron Bird [$9.99] was also purchased a bit back at HomeGoods but we’ve seen similar since. They are so versatile within many designs. Since Pineapples are everywhere right now, we decided to throw one in. This specific one was purchased from Decor To Door (great company – check them out). All mixed with that beautiful #blueandwhite Oriental Urn, Made In China [$24.00] and some faux greens of our own in a small bowl.

DSC_0442 (1)

On the second nightstand, we placed a glass and brass lamp (not from HomeGoods) and some, even more, fun knickknacks.


This White Diamond Patterned Candle by Chesapeake [$9.99] smells SO good and actually looks very similar to the white pineapple on the opposite side.


We then stacked these fun designed Small Salad Plate [$2.99] and Large Dinner Plate [$4.99], by Spectrum (MaxxAddict Tip: always look in other departments!) underneath this darling Mango Wood Container [$3.99] (and found in the bathroom department!) with this cute Chubby Iron Bird.


Behind this layered look, we have Hand Blown Goosenecked Glass Vase with Blue Rim [$6.00] filled with fresh Laurel leaves from our yard. This is the same vase we used on the Feeling The Blues post back a bit. Incredible how well it transfers into a totally different design.


Directly below, we placed this [Gold and Cream Speckled Genuine Leather File Organizer by Max Studio $34.99], that we use for nighttime books, lotions, etc. This is a great alternative to having piles on top of your nightstand. Everything is still reachable but not cluttering the design.


We are those kinds of people who let their dog sleep in bed with them hence the purchase of this Gray Slate Step Stool with Teak Frame by Max Studio [$39.99]. If you are not that kind of person, this step stool is beautiful, modern and durable and would work perfectly in kid’s bathroom or kitchen pantry.


And as a cherry tops a sundae, so do these fun patterned Blue, White, and Red Pillows. They all varied in price from $19.99 to $29.99. We prefer mixxing and maxxing but also appreciate the look of same same. Would love to see what July designs you concoct from finds at #TJMaxx and #Homegoods!

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Bright and Sunshiny OOTD.

Found this great, light, and perfectly summer Yellow Bohemian Top by Blueh Ciel [$12.99, Originally $17]. Love how it looks on!


Paired with a pair of dark skinny jeans and those Brown Leather Wedges by Vince [$129.99, Originally $300].



The colors and comfort of this outfit alone will certainly make for a bright, bright, bright and sunshiny (outfit of the) day.


What summer looks have you scored at #tjmaxx? Would love to see!


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Bowls Goals.

Just when we thought we have seen everything, we are blown away once again by this original design concept brought to you by the TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. How fun are these!? Made In India, Mango Wood Melamine Floral Bowls. We can see a summer full of using these and using these well.


This laminated floral print pressed into this set of wooden bowls are fresh and colorful and give a whole new dimension to whatever you are serving.



Plus they are all sold separately so no need to buy sizes you will not use. Small [$4.99], Medium [$12.99] and Large [$16.99].


Perfect bowls for delicious side salads, fruits and even desserts.


Just as beautiful as the floral designs is the polished mango wood.



Beautiful all around! We can basically taste Summer just looking at these! If you see these at your local TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, we would love to see the design you chose!

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Back To Black.

We’ve found and shown a lot of great Blue and White finds from TJ Maxx and HomeGoods. We now feel it our duty to give a little love to the most classic color combination of them all, Black and White.


Understandably, a black shirt (or black clothing  of any sort) does not seem like the best go-to for summer fashion but this lightweight cotton Pepin Black and White Embroidered Top [$29.99, Originally $58] might get you looking.


Plus it’s not ALL black. The white embroidered designs add the perfect bohemian look to a classic color. We love the tassels too!


Even better perk of this top is that it holds enough design to be paired with dark skinny jeans and a pair of sandal flats.


Or if you are more adventurous than some of us, you could top your outfit off with some wedges. These Brown Leather Wedges by VINCE were a favorite #TJMaxx find of our model, Savannah, and cost her less than 50% of the original price – $129.99 vs. $300.


There is a reason she looks so happy in all the pictures. TJ Maxx does that to people. Would love to see what great #blackandwhite finds you score or even just great, breezy, summer tops! Tag @maxxaddicts on your social media posts and stay cool out there!

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Forever Blue

If you have followed MaxxAddict at all, you already know how much we are feeling the blues this season. Happy to say that HomeGoods is feeling them too. This room already had this beautiful beaded dark blue headboard, all it needed was some other shades of blue to pull it all together.


The selection of pillows at HomeGoods never disappoints. We had some velvet navy pillows already which we adorned with a collection of our other pillow finds. The Big White Lace Pillows by Piu Bell [$29.99 each, originally $40] on either sides of the velvet pillows served as a perfect stark backdrop to the blues.


The first row of pillows all came from HomeGoods. Striped Blue and Cream Background Pillow by Ralph Lauren [$24.99] in the middle and the Waved Striped Pillow [$24.99] and Ikat Pillow Blue Cream & Royal [$24.00] to the sides.



We love the detail of this Ikat pillow! For all followers who aren’t familiar with the term Ikat, it’s a fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving. One of the greatest shifts in design through the years has been the move from using just one style to decorate a home to combining styles and techniques from all over the world. Using this Ikat pillow is just one example of how to do that.


For the nightstand (which is actually a bistro table) we found this Modern Blue Leaf Print [$59.99]. It serves as a great backdrop to the knickknacks and books on the table and also does a great job of pulling all the blues together.


Knickknacks: 12-Point Mirrored Star [$12.99], Blue and White Urn [$12.99]. All mixed with that fun golden llama, which was already in the room and was not purchased at HomeGoods – although I have seen similar items there. Also added a faux succulent to add a touch of freshness to the room. The lamp is a Visual Comfort design, a brand that HomeGoods always carries!


Pay no attention to the title of the yellow book 🙂


We love how this Forever Blue look came together. Would love to see what great blue finds you come across at TJ Maxx and Home Goods!

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Romper Love

TJ Maxx always has a great selection of summer coverups and rompers. This one, however, definitely stood out. It is made from beautiful cloth and the printed floral details really class it up and make it more resort wear than anything else.


Two-Toned Blue and White Floral Romper by Blue Island 



Definitely doesn’t look or wear like it’s $19.99! The original price of $30 is also not bad but we’d prefer the lesser price. Of course.


Beautiful sleeves!


Perfect coverup for any body of water and even nice enough to wear after a day of water parks, beach, laking, or boating!

Would love to see what great coverup you find at your local #TJMaxx!

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Indoors To Outdoors

Memorial Day for my family means reflecting on the sacrifices of those who came before us – especially that of my late father-in-law who served as a general surgeon during WWII. We do this by visiting graves or spending time in an area of our yard we call “Grammy’s Grove”. It is in these places we often feel their presence.

Below are the many looks we created in Grammy’s Grove with some great indoor/outdoor decor from #tjmaxx and #homegoods! Hoping each of you are able to find a quiet place outdoors today to stand (or sit) in remembrance this Memorial Day Weekend.



With the patio furniture I already have, I add some pops of color with these red and cream pillows and some fun little knickknacks from HomeGoods.


The cute dog (who needs a haircut!) was not purchased at TJ Maxx. However, she is no stranger to its aisles. Yes, I take my dog with me everywhere I can.


I have used these iron birds in other posts – All In White – and if you’ve have read there you know how much we adore them. I bought these a couple years ago at HomeGoods and am always on the lookout for more. They are so versatile and work in any indoor or outdoor space!



I placed the short bird on top of this beautiful Mango Wood Lidded Container [$3.99] to give the table some variance and dimension.


Additionally, this is the same vase from the Feeling The Blues post. I placed fresh trimmings from an Evergreen Laurel bush in this beautiful Hand Blown Glass Vase with Blue Rim  that I got for $6! – and this time layered it on top of a round brass tray and these White and Blue Dinner [$4.99] and Salad Plate [$6.99]. Just another example of why you shouldn’t limit your decor searching to one department!


I placed Reindeer Moss and a faux plant within a small black container to pull all the greens together and placed this beautiful White Textured Ceramic Candle [$3.99].



All these knickknacks surrounded this classic Wicker Lamp by Ralph Lauren [$49.99]. My husband installed an outlet nearby so we could have light outside without lighting a fire. Creating an outdoor space with a touch of the indoors is one of my favorite designs.


We also toyed around with some other beautiful knickknacks and even pillows because as you know, there is no shortage of either of these things at HomeGoods.


These Geometric Print Pillows tie in well with the style of the blue and white plates. For nights when the mosquitos are out, I have this beautiful Teal Blue Citronella Candle [$6.99]. 


I also really love the rich blueness of these two below pillows. One is Woven Blue and Cream Star Honeycomb Pillows [$24.99] that could be used both indoors and outdoors and the other is a Knitted Navy Blue Pillow [$29.99].



Lastly, I placed this darling Iron Cast Pig Planter [$19.99] at the base of one of the chairs and loaded it with high quality faux greens. I can’t get over how cute it turned out.


Our other dog, Norington, even made friends with the pig.


We love this outdoor space, especially on days like Memorial Day, and look forward to using this space and the beautiful colors and decor, for many years to come. We would love to see the outdoor spaces you create for this summer with HomeGoods decor. Be sure to tag #maxxaddict on any social media posts for a chance to be regrammed.

Safety to and thanks to you all and the service you provide for one another!

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